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I'm an industry analyst, consultant, and workplace AI tech lead for ILKI, a Paris-based independent boutique consulting firm.

What I Do

I work for ILKI, an independent Paris-based consulting firm, helping our clients navigate and build strategies for the digital workplace & workplace AI. I do consulting projects, lead training classes & workshops, give speeches, write blog posts, and maintain the content of this website.

My Background & Bio

I've been in the IT industry for 30 years, mostly focusing on end-user computing, digital workplace, and the future of work. I've written six books and over 2,000 articles over 20 years (and counting). I'm passionate about public speaking and love being on stage, having given over 1,000 speeches & talks around the world in my career.

I ran my own industry analyst firm, The Brian Madden Company, known for our EUC news & analysis site, for 15 years, and founded the BriForum EUC industry conference which was held 20 times in 12 years across various global cities. (We were acquired by TechTarget in 2008, where I stayed until 2016.)

I've advised several startups over the years and was an angel investor in FSLogix, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2018. I worked at VMware as a distinguished technologist in the EUC Office of the CTO from 2018-2022, leaving before the Broadcom acquisition.

I've always believed in the power of knowledge sharing and the larger tech community. I was a Microsoft MVP for ten years, created the CTP program for Citrix (and was a CTP for years), was a VMware vExpert, and later ran the EUC Champions & vExpert program while I was at VMware.

I'm American and grew up in Ohio (Go Browns!), and have since lived in Washington DC, San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle. I now live in Paris where I'm a consultant at ILKI. (Je suis en train d'apprendre français !)

Ethics & Disclosures

Everything I create is 100% human-created (AIL 0), unless otherwise disclosed via the AI Influence Level scale. The contents of this website are 100% human-created with no AI assistance.

I do not have a direct financial stake in any of the companies I write, speak, or consult about. I do not accept money or consulting work from vendors or people with products in the areas I cover. I generally do not sign NDAs with vendors, though I respect news embargoes as needed. All conversations I have with vendors are "on the record", though I will go off-record or on background if requested.

ILKI is an independent, vendor-neutral company. ILKI does not do work for vendors, and is not a partner or reseller for any vendor or their products. (More about ILKI here.)

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